Favorite Knitting Accessory

RobYn has challenged her SP10 group to post our favorite knitting accessories, so here's mine! Presenting....drummmm rolllll......the MAGNETIC CHART HOLDER!!!! (imagine echoing sound here)

Here it is stripped down in profile. It folds to lie flat as well, although mine is always in use so that hasn't happened since it arrived from Patternworks. Note the elastic band that not only is fun to snap, but is functional too! Slip your pattern/chart behind and you've completed step one!

Here the Wonder Holder is flexing its muscles...errr antennae? support a magazine, pattern, chart for viewing right beside my recliner. (Recliner not included.)

This is the fully dressed-out version of the Wonder Holder. Its sturdy arms are extended and out of view behind the clipboard that is holding the magnetic page (See the black edge peeking out of the top?). I am using the clipboard because my pattern is on a flimsy piece of copy paper and needs more support. There is the magnetic magnifier that is truly helpful in reading small charts. The magnetic strips of varing lengths come in handy for a variety of functions. I use them to underline rows on the chart, as well as holding the paper to the magnetic, black sheet.So there is my favorite knitting accessory. I use it every day!

re: Wordless Wednesday
That frog has to live in a very large pond suitable for large knitting projects when we have to rippit-rippit!

An escalator can never break --- it can only become stairs. ---Unknown


Knitting Mama said...

Great post!

Shelley said... cool is that?

teabird17 said...

I just bought one of those from KnitPicks - already, it's one of my favorite objects!