The World is a Mess!

Curling. Unaligned. Incomplete. That's the state of the world. You've heard it, seen it, read it. You know.

My world will easily be righted with seaming, finishing, edging, laundering, and blocking. This is for DGS-J, who colored a map for me to use as a color guide. He's so excited about it while I am taking way too long to complete it! There are days when I don't even pick it up, but it is gratifying to see the creation occur! True colors didn't photograph well in some parts of the map. Africa and the bottom tips of the third quadrant are deep purple. Europe is red. I'm making it with Plymouth Encore worsted and size 9 needles using a pattern from an old Vogue magazine.

Back to Asia. It is still a developing continent on my ghan.

I watched the DVD of "84 Charing Cross Road", the charming story of a New York writer (Ann Bancroft) corresponding with a London bookseller (Anthony Hopkins). One of my favorite actresses, Dame Judi Dench, had a supporting role as the bookseller's wife. I especially enjoyed seeing her in this 1987 film. I loved the premise and attempted to read the book, however I always find it difficult to read books written in the form of correspondence. Blockbuster Online answered my call and provided the beautifully photographed tale of this long distance friendship that developed over decades, growing to include other people as well. The original Mrs. Robertson, who passed on a year ago, and a much younger Hannibal Lector gave life to an extremely engaging nonfiction work.

Laughter is a problem shrinker. ---Mira Kirshenbaum

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Beth said...

I started reading your entry in Bloglines before the picture came up and I was worried. I thought something was wrong! :) I'm glad the unaligned world is alignable. :) It looks great!