Having just arrived home from my annual slammogram---well, quite honestly I did skip it last year---I feel good, at peace, yay-for-me that I had that done. It's not something that anyone truly enjoys, yet all women must take time to slam their mamms. So, if you haven't had an annual mammogram, be good to yourself and schedule an appointment. Make it a Valentine to yourself!
I have finally settled on mindless carry-along knitting. For some reason--who knows?--I have assorted blues and greens in a variety of yarns. I am knitting them into squares and rectangles to put together for a charity blanket. While I'd prefer to pick up stitches to add the next "patch" to the first, doing smaller pieces will make for a convenient knit-to-go project. I work on it during my hours and hours of reading online, too! This little garter stitch square is GGH Vamos fiber on size 8 needles.
Gauge? Huh? What? It's a blanket for heaven's sake!
This square is garter stitch with a strand of softest, variegated eyelash. Since I no longer have the ball band, I have no idea what kind it is. I used it with a strand of Deep Periwinkle Caron Wintuk that is sticking out of my purse. An online angel sent a HUGE box of Caron Wintuk yarn for my charity projects, so I bless her for contributing!

The purse is one I bought in a leather shop in Italy last Fall. I love carrying it not only to remember my trip with my sister, but also because of all of the fun zippered compartments it has!

I am this close to finishing the third strip of four for the Map of the World ghan by Vogue Knitting. I am currently swimming north in the frigid Arctic Ocean and will then be ready to begin the final strip to complete the map. I can't believe it! J will be shocked when I finally give it to him! Bloggers know how heart warming it is when someone takes time to leave a comment. That was magnified a million times for me by the lovely ladies who offered their support on Sunday's post. That day was so painful, blogging was one release. I cannot adequately thank them for their loving words and for anyone who lifted a prayer for my sisters and me that day. I am continually astounded by the triggers to those deep feelings of grief. I had no idea that I would react so strongly that day. God bless you all.

Every act of love is an act of peace, no matter how small. ---
Mother Teresa


Beth said...

I love the blues and greens! And your purse is great. Your charity knitting is an inspiration to me!

Sharon said...

Slam your mamms is right! I always feel like it's been Wham! Bam! Thank you Mamm. Nothing like a jolt of pain to make you appreciate the little pleasures in life a whole lot more. Makes a badly fitting underwire just a minor cobweb of life.

Grief....often catches me by surprise. And surprise at all, I suppose. I guess it's how we grow.