Especially thinking of Mother today --- my sisters and I. Today is the first date of her birth since her death. I had already purchased a card for her.
Her voice--in my mind--is saying with a chuckle, "Go on, Honey! Enjoy yourself! I'm fine."
And, she is. God's angel was called back to him.
Even so, I miss her.


Betriska said...

What glorious hope ... that you will someday be reunited! Feeling your pain for today - with you.

Beth said...

You're in my thoughts during this difficult time, Pooch.

Pooch said...

Sincere thanks to each of you. Your comments of support truly bless me.


Shelley said...

A beautiful arrangement :o)

Sending you a big hug at this difficult time.

Tracey said...

What comfort and peace we have as Christians, knowing utterly and completely that our other Christian loved ones are with the Saviour in glorious peace. Blessings and the peace that passes understanding are sent to you today Pooch.