Thank you, SP!

SP9 officially ended today with the arrival of a package from my very thoughtful SP, Dawn at . I have to tell about this wonderful lady! She has been so attentive to detail in my questionnaire and on my blog. Every gift is personal and exactly me and I do so appreciate that! First, the yarns: all are cotton yarns. There are three of the red, two of green, and one of the beautiful blue. She included a set of five dpns in size 8 bamboo along with a set of point protectors. The pocket ( or purse) size Bible is perfect since I want to carry the Psalms with me. Now I have the entire Bible in my purse! Finally, there is Max's award to the set of magnetic page clips. Aren't they just the cutest?! This box was definitely put together for me (and Max). My deepest thanks to Dawn for the time and care that went into these very special gifts as with my two previous packages.

If you are interested in information about Secret Pal 10, the details are at this site

Since the temperature is up to 42 degrees today---yaaaay!---Max and I are going to slog through the melting ice and snow to go for a walk. We haven't been for a walk for a verrrry long while since I wouldn't go until the temp got above freezing. Max wasn't too keen on the idea either.
Bad weather always looks worse through a window. --- Tom Lehrer

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Shelley said...

What an awesome package she sent you! Can't wait to see what the beautiful yarn becomes!