Books and Prayers

Using a Christmas gift certificate at, I bought these two books that arrived today. The 200 Crochet Blocks has interesting, contemporary patterns. The book itself is very different in presentation and style than other books I have about crochet blocks. It's a real find for me!

I am still looking for a small book of Psalms. Everything I have seen thus far is more of a study guide, as is the one I purchased here. While it appears to be interesting, informative, and prayerful, I still want a book that is just the Psalms preferably a size to carry in my purse. I'll keep googling and searching, however if anyone knows of such a book, please let me know. Thanks!

Needled to Death is my first of the books by Maggie Sefton related to knitting although it is not the first in her series. I usually tire of theme series, but decided to give this a try for a fun read. I got it at --- a fantastic site! Holding the book is my wooden Pinocchio that I bought in Italy. The little Russian stacking doll was purchased in a duty free shop on our trip to Alaska several years ago. And now Pinocchio and Little Russian are the best of friends!
I came across a site that shows a social map of the New Testament at . It's very interesting, though I defer to a Bible scholar concerning its accuracy.

Thanks to Beth at Felt Like Knitting and Shelley at Kitten Knits for your prayers and good wishes. I do covet prayers for my strength and to lead my doctors and give them wisdom. Tomorrow is another doctor's appointment, so we'll see what's next.

I have donated some items to the Pine Ridge Reservation and would like a button to add to my blog so I can raise awareness to their needs. They do not offer a button on their web site. Does anybody know of one that I can use to link to their site? Thanks!

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---John F. Kennedy


Beth said...

I hope you have some positive news from the doctor!

Shelley said...

I'm not sure if I've ever seen a small book of just the psalms. I know sometimes you can buy those small New Testaments that contain Psalms...

Allena said...

i'll have to check out that book i have the crochet book and at first i was all excited about it then i looked closely at it a lot of the 200 are just different color combinations of the same square which really kinda made me sad b/c i wanted 200 different squares, i can do the color thing myself. but the whole afghan layout and the stories of them were cool