The Bicentury Throw

Scrap ghans, scarves, sweaters, among other items are a popular and practical projects to use the tids and bits left from more honored projects. My scraps continue to be crocheted into this throw which is heavy, dense, and quite warm. 

Why I ever started in single crochet with a G hook, I don't know! I chained a piece slightly beyond the width I wanted for a throw. Since I began this in the last century, I don't remember how many I chained--far too many to count now!

I then single crocheted throughout doing three rows.
On the fourth row I placed a drop stitch every fifth stitch or so to the first row and drew it up across the piece. (Note the lack of precision here!)
Then, sc three rows.
Space a row of drop stitches into the first row of the second set. I semi-centered (What a concept!) the second set of drop stitches between the placement of the first drop stitch row...and so on. Basically, the rows are as follows

drop stitch row
Continue until you just cannot bear to do another row.

While you can do the sc row colors wily-nily, maintain the drop stitch row in the same color throughout. I am using an eggshell color for the drop stitches. Black makes a dramatic drop stitch color!
This throw is made of worsted weight yarn, though I have used a double strand of lighter weight yarns in some rows. I have no idea when I will complete this, but it makes a wonderful keep-my-hands-busy project while I am reading online!

When you feel in your gut what you are and then dynamically pursue it -- don't back down and don't give up -- then you're going to mystify a lot of folks. ---Bob Dylan

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