Yarnographic Friday

Two out of two snowmen agree that Light Pipe is a funny looking yarn! Crystal Palace Yarns describe it as an add-along yarn and offers patterns and yarns at
A quote from the site tells us "Note: Light Pipe is a nickname for fiber optics and our lustrous tube of yarn is reminiscent of a fiber optics tube." The 330 yard hank is 40% nylon and 60% polyester and suggests a size 7- 9 needle to get 5-6 stitches per inch.

Thread and a blob...Isn't that how you would describe this whimsical fiber? It may have a future as a scarf.....When I can get around to it!

re: WW pic
I took this pic when I was in Italy last September. It is detail of an exterior shot at one end of the cathedral in Florence. So majestic!

Mirrors should think longer before they reflect. ---Jean Cocteau

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Allena said...

the yarn color is pretty. but it looks like someone was learning to spin... LOL