The Doctor's Daughter by Hilma Worlitzer.

C-c-cold, snow, and a bright-bright sunny sky. Colorado winter is beautiful.

If you happen to be a jar, I have just the hat for you! Ms. Button Jar cheerfully models this little hat that I made for the Dulaan Project (click on side bar button). I love the color name: Limelight by Caron Simply Soft. I used size six dpns for this jarring look.

"What the heck is that?", you say? Why, it's my interpretation of a Berroco pattern I saw one time. I'm using a size 50 and a size 17 needle to make a scarf with Light-n-Lofty yarn for the Red Scarf Project (click on side bar button). "Hey! That's not red!", you say? All the more reason to click on the link and read about this project. This is my mindless knitting to offset my world ghan knitting which, by the way, I had to rip back after I thought I had finished Panel Two. I messed up the shaping at the top of the panel! After I did all the intricate coastlines, I messed up the top shaping!! When that happens, I need to furiously knit on mindless knitting for a while!

I feel like a good friend just moved far, far away after finishing the book The Doctor's Daughter by Hilma Worlitzer. This story beautifully described the emotional journey of a 50-something woman trying to understand her life. From her adult children to the passing of her parents, she fights cobwebs to comprehend it all. What is her life really about? Why does the passing of her parents propel the orphaned adult child into extended reflection on the relationship of their marriage to her marriage? As she loses herself among the cobwebs, will she be able to live with the truths that she discovers? The cast of likable characters and the compelling story line caused me to read more slowly to prolong the end of a very good story.


Humor is a reminder that no matter how high the throne one sits on, one sits on one's bottom. ---Taki


Beth said...

That's a cute hat! I know what you mean about needing mindless knitting once in a while.

Shelley said...

What a cute little hat! I love that colour too!

Goodness, but that is a HUGE needle you are using! I've never used that size before...must be a little awkward