Well, darn!

I haven't been able to upload pics to blogger all day today. Has anyone else had that problem today?

Today is the beginning of Daily Bible Reading with Christian Women Online called "Snippets from the Word". (See side bar.)

From Proverbs 21 today, I received the importance of being faithful in the completion of mundane tasks. Diligence is pleasing to God. Let's just say, mundane is not my thing. Reading this chapter brought me to the realization that diligence in the ordinary is every bit as important as striving to excellence in other areas.

To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice. ---Pro21:3


Beth said...

I have trouble with diligence in mundane things, too. Thanks for sharing your reading and insight today.

Bea said...

But, it always feels so GOOD and RIGHT when the mundane is DONE! :o) Obedience - yes. Far better than the sacrifice and oft times more difficult!

Have you tried Xanga? You can put your pictures there and they have easy linkage and then you could ALWAYS have your pictures - which I love! :o)