Feeling Edgy

These yellow crocheted squares were made by members of Heartmade Blessings (see button in the sidebar) for a lapghan to comfort a widow. These will be joined with some white squares. I decided to edge the squares with sage green and will probably join them with white. The finishing will be lacey white edging. Pictures to follow!

A closer look

Thousands of people gathered to sing praise to the Lord in the glorious outdoors in Fort Collins on Sunday. What an awesome blessing to those who attended and everyone within hearing distance! Shout to the Lord indeed! I even won a CD of the Rez singers---such joy!

Sunday afternoon and Praise in the Park with Resurrection Fellowship

Listen, you kings! Pay attention, you mighty rulers! For I will sing to the LORD. I will make music to the LORD... --- Judges 5:3


cathych said...

I cannot find which of your blogs I originally posted on, so I am posting here. If you want to write back, just write me at & we can write each other easier that way. I own a dishcloth swap group on the web, the only charity we have is each other, lol!! But the way it works, you only have to send out 1 cloth per month. If you want more info, let me know & I will explain further.

Paula said...

I just love the work you are doing with the Afghans.
Also your Saturday skies are so beautiful! We welcomed the rain here today! So much needed in the fields here.
If you need some squares crocheted or knitted the Afghans you are giving away please let me know I would love to make some to send to you.

Pooch said...

You are so dear. I always need 12x12 white squares for the ghans. I then edge them in a color to fit the ghan.

Thank you so very much.