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Well, blogger still won't upload pics, so I will simply say that I am still adding a shell border to the Comfort ghan for HMB. I will send it to a widow who recently lost her husband who was her best friend. She is ill and has had several losses in her family in recent months. Someone requested a ghan through Heartmade Blessings, so I have assembled the donated squares and one I made myself. I wanted to put a wide, lacey border on this ghan. The feminine, lacey touch certainly adds to the eye appeal of this ghan. I will mail it to her as soon as it is completed.

When I began reading Psalm 119 today, I was initially drawn to its structure slightly more than to the content. Not only is Ps 119 the longest Psalm in the Bible, it is also the longest chapter. Each section corresponds to a letter in the Hebrew alphabet and begins with that letter. The repetitious form could easily have been memorized at a time when the printed word was not commonly available.

After thinking about these elements of form, I became more drawn to the content--the meditative writing about the importance of God's word in my life. God's provision has bolstered me to remain strong in faith during extreme sorrow during recent months. v114 You are my refuge and my shield. I do constantly find comfort in God's unfailing love v76. I pray for discernment to understand my relationship with the Lord that I will apply the Word to my daily life. I trust in His mighty compassion and love.

Bea's comment yesterday about obedience definitely speaks to the message in PS 119, that is, diligence through obedience.
Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutes; and I shall keep it unto the end. ---Ps 119

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Christi said...

I just wanted to say thanks for pointing out the Christian Women Online site! My bible reading has been pretty much non existant for a while. I think this was the push to get back to it. I printed off the checklist and have been reading the day's chapter every day for the past three days.

Thanks and God bless!