A Day without Needles and Hooks

This has been a no-knit/no-crochet day! Doubt that I'll do much of that since company is arriving soon to stay the weekend. I hope I'll be able to squeeze some time in, though! (Blogger is still have pic uploading issues!)

As I read Colossians today, I became interested in the map showing the location of Colosse. Although Paul was writing from prison, an unusual privilege, the distances covered by Jesus, His Apostles , and His disciples continue to amaze me. Typically traveling on foot, these people visited so many locations that I am again astounded. Given the fact that there were nomadic groups, I do understand that it was not uncommon. There's just something about the 94 degree weather today that inspires me to ponder their way of life, their way of travel.

In clarifying Jesus as God, Paul's writing leads me to desire to grow daily because of my love for God. I fiercely feel Spirit-led at times and exalt in that strength of the Spirit that is far beyond anything I could do alone.

Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling. --Margaret Lee Runbeck


Shelley said...

Isn't Jesus awesome?! I am doing a Bible study on my own right now called "Living with Passion & Purpose" by Elizabeth George. It's on the book of Luke, and I only started it the other day. I've got 3 lessons done so far (1 per day, and each lesson is on one chapter). The reason I got it was because my friend and I are the co-directors of the mid week children's program, and neither of us has experience doing this. We want to do it with passion and for the Lord. I thought this Bible study might help me.

Last night's lesson was on the fact that we need to be prepared for what we are doing, and sometimes that takes a long time. In order for us to do a particular task the Lord wants us, He has put us in situations, etc. that help prepare us for that task. So far I'm enjoying the study.

Bea said...

Father keeps pointing this out to me .... it's not the destination so much as it is the JOURNEY. Not that the destination isn't important - it's just to make WISE USE of the journey!!! Good lesson ...