Davidson, Dereske, & James

This week's reading will be a continuation of The Main Corpse  by Diane Mott Davidson, which will soon be finished and is most enjoyable.

 I plan to follow it with Miss Zukas Shelves the Evidence by Jo Dereske. Have you read these Dereske books? I've read only one and was enchanted by the characters and clever writing about a community where the businesses are based on books. What fun! The humor clinches it for me! This is a series of light, humorous, highly entertaining reading.

Today I began listening to a memoir, Paris in Love by Eloisa James, which I am sad to report is a bit disappointing. It reads like a list of diary entries read by a way too perky female. At this point, I plan to stay with it. Hope I can finish it. We'll see.

What are your reading plans for this week?

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