The Main Corpse

The Main Corpse is the sixth book in Diane Mott Davidson's culinary series. These cozy mysteries feature Goldy Bear, a caterer, who happens to solve a murder along with her cooking duties. The stories are whimsical, relaxing, and cozy!

Here are the opening lines to this book:

"Sometimes you'd kill for a booking. I was ready--I'd had a rotten spring. The lack of business meant I spent afternoons frantically scrolling through my client files."

There are times when I am in the mood for a light read like this series. I must admit, however, that these opening lines do not particularly draw me to the story. I am continuing on because I am reading through the series and expect better things than what these opening lines seem to offer! Reading cozies is hit-or-miss for me. There are times when the writing is flat and the plot is so implausible that I just put the book aside. On the flip side, cozies can be a joy when the author achieves a balance with the action, levity, and writing. I hope that will be the case with this book!

page 56: "The sheriff's department had branded Jake an unreliable bloodhound. When the dog's handler of many years retired, the new handler insisted Jake had lost the scent on three consecutive trails. Jake fell into disrepute,..."

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