Favorite Books of 2012

This week's question addresses the end of the year and looking back to 2012 reading: 
"What are/were your favorite book(s) of the year?  Bonus points if you know how many books you read."
Since I keep track of my reading at Goodreads, I know that I read 65 books so far this year. It will be 66 or 67 by the end of the year, which means two days from now. I always have difficulty choosing favorites of anything, so here are a few I especially like:

The Presidents Club: Inside the World's Most Exclusive Fraternity 

by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy

The history of the interactions among the sitting President and his predecessors helps the reader to grasp the special bonds that exists despite political differences. Many compelling and entertaining anecdotes make this an enjoyable peek behind the scenes in the world of high level power.

The Book Lover

by Maryann McFadden

The author brilliantly intersects the lives of a struggling independent book store owner and an aspiring author. The subplots involving secondary characters are every bit as clever and enjoyable to read as the main story line. This is a magnificently crafted book--definitely a MUST for book lovers!

The Age of Miracles

by Karen Thompson Walker

This is the completely mesmerizing story of the slowing of the earth's rotation and the ensuing effects upon the characters. The story all the more believable because of the natural setting and events that seem to make sense relative to the slower rotation of the earth. The characters are captivating in the assorted ways they deal with the mysterious phenomena.  I could not imagine what the ending would be--just HAD to keep reading!

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Happy Reading in the new year!

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Beth said...

I'll have to remember those books the next time my bookk club makes selections!