Almost an Owl

 Although this may appear to be a ball wearing a helmet with antennae, it is almost an owl!! I am making a set of three owls for a granddaughter with a November birthday. I guess making the owl baby hats finally has gotten me into an owl-making mode, although I plan to stop after I finish this set. You can find the pattern for the three sizes here. I am tweaking the pattern here and there as well as adding little embellishments.
This is the one I have finished, which is the largest of the three.

Meanwhile, I am fast becoming a major pinhead! I am always late to the party. I don't jump into things; I am in the older--read, Boomer--demographic; I am cautious. Then, I either dismiss things or jump in completely jump! Pinterest? I'm in! What a great way to keep track of things I want to remember! Fab-ah-luss!! Come follow me! I'd love it!

What is your WIP??


Knitters Notebook said...

So, so cute!!!!


Spinster Beth said...

It's adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh they are super cute. I think I might try one with the leftover yarns that I have :-)

Mereknits said...

Such cute owls!!! I am a Pinterst-a-holic. I can get quite obsessed so I limit myself to visiting once or twice a day so that something else in my life might get accomplished.

Mistea said...

Your owls are cute. Lucky gd.
Enjoy pinning.

Winnie said...

Super cute and adorable!:)