Flat Scottie

(Check the side bar for Wednesday links.) The cute Scottie dog that I saw at this blog triggered thoughts of a fabric patchwork Scottie that belonged to my late son-in-law. His first grandchild will be born in April, my first great-grand! So I decided to crochet a Scottie for this dear little one in memory of the grandfather that the baby will never know.
I have adapted the pattern, as I tend to do. Using scrap yarn from stash, I made the strips of dc--10 sts wide and 10 rows high changing color to create the patches. I determined the number of patches per strip by counting the patches in the original Scottie blog post and changed the number for my purposes. Then, I whip stitched the strips together to make the front and back.

 Next, I will make white squares to add width around the dog shape, stitch them in place, and stuff the Scottie. I hope this comes together as I am envisioning it! The colors are gender neutral. While not in love with the colors, I do feel good about using stash!


Recently I've had the urge to make a cowl which, of course, means hours upon hours of browsing patterns on blogs, Ravelry, Pinterest, and Google. What a wonderful cyber world of possibilities! This blog post caught my attention. It is so inspiring that I want to share it, just in case someone else is nursing cowl cravings.

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