Teaser Tuesday ~ Morganroth

"In fact, she didn't love any of the classics. Everyone knew that she preferred the modern serial killer mysteries -- anything that had a string of gruesome deaths and outrageously psychopathic murderers."  page 69

From They Did It With Love by Kate Morganroth

What are you reading?


readingromances said...

I Think I knbow what they with with love!

Smells like murder...

Lisa said...

Knitting AND reading? You are my bloggy soulmate. I have been a knitter for a million years and LOVE Ravelry!

Great teaser! And I am now a brand spanking new follower and can't wait to read more from your blog!

Lisa (Book Blab)

Nessa said...

i love serial killers...well hoefully you know what i mean.