Friday Prayer Shawl Update

I've picked up the prayer shawl again with the hope of finishing it before wandering to of my other WIPs. This James Brett "Marble" yarn is so nice to touch and knit. This is my first experience with it and I quite enjoy it. Fortunately, I have another ball of it in tans and brown for a prayer shawl that I might use to crochet a triangle shawl. The current pattern is the Bernat "Mosaic Wrap" though I plan to omit the pom poms.

What are you creating?


WonderWhyGal said...

It's a beautiful shawl. I bet it is super cozy to wrap up in. When I have knitted on a prayer shawl (which we call Kidney Kozie's because our knitting group donates ours to Dialysis Units) I find that I enjoy the shawl on my lap as I am knitting knowing that it will be a hug from me to whomever the recipient is.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

SusanB-knits said...

Nice prayer shawl! I love the colors. I have two balls of that yarn in brown. I may have to make a shawl with it. But at the moment I'm enamored (seduced) by a mystery kal with Laura Nelkin.

Spinster Beth said...

OOOOhhh boxer puppy alert! How cute!

Love the shawl. I'm working on socks and some spinning, thanks for asking!

Stephani said...

Such lovely colors! It's beautiful.

I've been knitting several shawls lately, but I haven't done one in those colors. Now you've got me thinking.

Thanks for sharing with Crafty Friday!

Marushka C. said...

The Marble yarn is working up beautifully in that pattern. Someone will be thrilled & touched to receive that prayer shawl from you.