Last Leg ~ Santa Fe

During our few days stay in Santa Fe, I made my second visit to the peaceful Georgia O'Keefe museum and gallery. The display consisted of her city scapes and the simple beauty of her surroundings in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The contrast is striking, so much so that I purchased a city scape, a theme that had not previously drawn my interest. The stark beauty caught my eye as well as a print of the above poster displayed at the entrance to the museum. I decided I want to have a portrait of the artist as an elderly woman, though it is made from a photograph. (I just had to evoke "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man".)

Because I love the O'K logo, I simply had to buy an earthen ware mug featuring the logo, which is displayed beside a grandly, large O'Keefe poppy in my office. After three wonderful weeks of travel in Arizona and New Mexico, we returned home to Colorado. We are blessed.

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Nessa said...

Her face was so striking.