March was a month of travel in our motor home beginning with a week in Scottsdale, AZ, to watch three Rockies' games at Spring training.

The first game that we attended was especially fun since it was against the Cleveland Indians. DH and I are from Ohio--long, long ago--so DH wore his Indians shirt and his Rockies cap. Rather like a split personality, but it was a conversation starter!

There's a dog under there! Lailah found a shady spot of relief from the hot Arizona sun.
Coming from brown and blustery Colorado, I was immediately drawn to the green, desert vegetation.
So, I snapped pictures of the gorgeous cacti and succulents whenever one caught my eye.
 Praise to God the Creator for nature's beauty!

 A trip to a LYS was on my itinerary, so I visited Jessica Knits.
 The store was arranged with the heavier weight yarns at the entrance.
 As you move through the store, the yarn weights are arranged to become lighter.
There were bargains! Much of the yarn was on sale, so--of course--I took advantage of that to buy some novelty yarns for my Crazy Afghan.
The warm sun, baseball, and knitting! What more could an antique girl want?

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Robin said...

I'll have to check this LYS out next time we travel down to AZ!