About the Header Pic

 Response to Angela about the Header Pic
How sweet of you to ask! The header pic was taken of our old boy, Max, and Lailah when she was about two months old.
Max passed when he was 11 years old in 2009. My heart still breaks for him even though I realize he had a long life for a Boxer. He was mellow and gentle, our sweet giant. Didn't he have a spectacular white collar?
I miss him.

Lailah is bouncy, loving, and very energetic!! Max was so patient with her even in his last days of illness. The Lord blesses us in countless ways. These beautiful companions are just two blessings the Father has bestowed upon me.

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Beth said...

I remember reading on your blog about how patient Max was with Lailah! He was a sweet boy.

bermudaonion said...

My husband loves boxers - I think they're his favorite dog.

angela said...

Ahh. Thank you for the patient explanation!

Our older boxer, Morrison is also the patient one. I talk to him about being my Pooh Bear Philosopher. Once in a while he is excited and wants to play--he's nearly 10 now. Most of the time he suns himself to keep that hip warm...and to stay out of the path of the 3-yr-old...