It's another very hot day, so I am knitting, reading, and enjoying Max and Lailah. I am using odds and ends of acrylic to add a few more "logs" to the log cabin blanket for charity. I am using 7s and WW.

I'm not as compulsive as I had been, but I had to get up and straighten that lamp shade as soon as I opened this pic! Most of my pix are taken in my home office because everything I need is right here!! Well, the food is in the kitchen so I do have to walk down the hall for that!! ;)

My friend K delivered the pretty yellow azalea---oops! begonia, make that begonia!!-- to me last night, bless her heart! The last two weeks have been very difficult RE: the effects of my West Nile and problems with my most recent immuno globulin infusion. (I have another one in the morning.) So, K took time to bring me a touch of beauty and love to cheer me! I don't blog about my health very often because they are chronic conditions. I guess the last two weeks have gotten the better of me so I'm blogging to release it. I covet prayers for strength and calm. Any way...the Lord has blessed me with thoughtful friends who mean the world to me!

I say that anybody whose life keeps tangling up with yours for no logical reason is likely a member of your karass, a team God has formed to get something done for him.---Kurt Vonnegut


teabird said...

Ah, Cat's Cradle -
the flowers are just lovely, and I'm glad they cheered you.

Traceyleezle said...

Hope that you are feeling better soon and that Max and Laihla are taking good care of you.

Paula said...

Oh your logcabin is comming along really pretty.
Your begonia is really pretty too I love the color!

I just started my red scarf project.

Beth said...

Pooch, I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I didn't know you were suffering from West Nile. I hope that you will feel much better very soon and I will pray for you.