Dogs on Thursday

Lailah has become Max's personal trainer. Limited by health problems related to his age, Max didn't get much exercise. With Lailah's arrival came games of tugging, bouncing, and pulling to keep them playing and panting!

Baby that she is, Lailah does need her nap time!


I used to look at my dog Smokey and think, "If you were a littler smarter, you could tell me what you are thinking and he'd look at me like he was saying 'If you were a little smarter, I wouldn't have to.' "
---Fred Jungclaus


Nichole said...

CUTE pics.... I just want to scratch them... so adorable.

Gretchen said...

oooo, big woofie and little woofie. Thanks for stopping by my site. I like being a bassetcat sometimes.

Beth said...

That's a great quote! Sometimes I think Phoebe is thinking "Why can't she tell what I'm trying to say to her?"

Anonymous said...

Hey there! It's your SP11 spoiler! I look forward to getting to know you through this swap! Thanks for posting your Questionnaire. If you want to post your amazon wishlist: Login to look at your wishlist and look at the sidebar on the left. It will have an option to "make this list public." Then click on the link that lets you get the code to post your list on your blog. I believe that option is called "share my amazon list or post on my blog." It is right below the "make this list public" option in the sidebar. If you need more details, just let me know, I am going off of memory!

Adorable doggers!

Craftybernie said...


I'm just updating members on the Knit1blogtoo ring and I notice that the navigation code is missing from your blog (or at least Ringsurf isn't seeing it).

Can you let me know if you still want to be a member of the ring. My email is craftybernie at hotmail dot com.

Best wishes..Bernie

Paula said...

Personal trainer! I love it.
I think Elise was my personal trainer when we first got her.
Lailah is so adorable.
I am glad she is helping a Max.
I put up a puppy poem on my blog today!

Tina in Wonderland said...

Oh I Love watching dogs playing tuggie, and I can only imagine how cute it must be when Max is pulling little Lailah across the floor with a toy!

(I hope they don't tug on that pink slipper or you just might end up shoeless!)