Yesterday I went to this yarn shop in Greeley and snapped a pic through the window of my car. Oh, yes, I did get out of my car and was happy to see this sign on the door:

So in I went and stayed there for.....well, a while... doing the usual...enjoying the yarn, looking at patterns, books, and accessories.

And, this is what I left with. Two balls of navy Plymouth Encore. This is worthy of note because I went to the LYS to get two balls of navy Plymouth Encore and in an awesome display of self-control, that is exactly what I bought. Nothing more. Thank you. Thank you. I am nearing the end of the final panel of the World Map Afghan and, after a great deal of pondering, have decided to crochet the edging in navy around the entire ghan to finish it. The huge tassels on each point look elegant in the picture with the pattern, but my family and I find tassels to be an enormous nuisance when the ghan is actually in use. I stopped tasseling long ago and haven't looked back since.

My mindless knitting project is askew because I suddenly decided to plop it down and snap a pic while in the middle of picking up stitches. I semi-follow directions on projects like this, so here is a version of a Mason Dixon pattern that I am making for charity. I am using odds and ends of worsted weight yarns. That black-appearing bit is actually a burgundy/maroon shade.
I came across this gorgeous gallery at and thought you might enjoy looking at the enchanting designs there.


Don't let your worries get the best of you; remember, Moses started out as a basket case.


Shelley said...

Congratulations on such self control in a yarn shop!! Can't wait to see the entire wordghan completed!

Beth said...

Such restraint! That's admirable!

Tracey said...

I am in awe of your self control. Amazing I tell you!