Easy On the Sherbet

Does this not look like someone became violently ill after eating a variety of sherbets? Just asking.

This is the Crocheted Log Cabin Baby Blanket from Crystal Palace using the recommended yarn. Now, about this Kiddo yarn. It has a luscious hand---perfect for baby. The colors are...well...EXHUBERANT! It is so-so for knitting/crocheting because of all the fluffies that obscure stitches. BUT...and it is a BIG one, after being knitted or crocheted into fabric, it looks like something Max dragged in! I mean, really, no kiddo-ing here. It's matted and somewhat used looking! There are wonderfully soft baby yarns that are much prettier. So, once I use all of this Kiddo, it will be adios, Kiddito!


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
--William Butler Yeats


Beth said...

Uhoh! My daughter picked out that yarn (light blue) this winter for wrist warmers. I haven't made them yet. I just checked my balls of yarn and it looks kind of matted just sitting there.

Pooch said...

Isn't it unbelieveably soft? Let me know what you think of it after you've used it. You may have an entirely different opinion of it. Hope so!