KTC Exchange

An exchange package arrived today from my partner in Knit the Classics. Each partner sent the first book of a series along with other gifts and here are mine! Isn't it fun to receive exchange boxes?! The yarn is beautiful Reynolds Gypsy cotton in shades of teal. I've lit the tea scented candle and especially like the crocheted book mark. I haven't read Stephen King, so I'll see what this book holds! Many thanks to my KTC pal for sending such a variety of items!

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Jan said...

I am glad it arrived safely and that you liked it.
The book isn't the typical gore and horror type that Stephen King is known for, it's thought provoking series. Even if you don't normally like the type of book that Mr. King writes, and even if you do not take up this series, I hope that you at least give this first book a chance.

Crochetoholic Debb said...

oh please tell me more about this swap??? crochetoholic Debb