Super Secret Pal!

Lookit all the sock yarn I received from my SP10!! How about the cheery towel? I'm lovin' it! And, I truly appreciate the magazines! My Pal is paying attention because I don't typically get knitting mags, so these are very special to me! Sincere thanks to my pal for this generous and perfectly-perfect package!

There are two kinds of people: those who finish what they start, and so on...


Terri Lynn said...

Hi Pooch,
I am so excited for you getting all that wonderful sock yarn and the towel is adorable. I am thinking you are from Denver? I have a surprise for you but I cannot find your email to write you. I will post about it after I write you.

Terri Lynn said...

I am getting a no reply when you email me, so I am not able to email. Will you email me again and give me your address so I can tell you about the surprise? And announce it on my blog?