Got yarn?

See the chaotic state of the world ghan? See the many miles of ocean? With 54 remaining rows of blue heather ocean to go, you guessed it----not enough yarn to finish!! I considered a blob of burgundy or sage green in the northern reaches of the Pacific. But...well....nah. That would amount to adding another continent.

When I ordered one more skein using the same color number, I received the gorgeous purples. Kaleidoscope Yarns has fantastic service! So, I reordered a blue heather with a different color number that looks like a match. Even if it's a little off, it will definitely look better than a blob of burgundy or sage!

In the meantime, I could work on this basket of squares given to me to put together for a charity ghan.

Then, there's the basket with the Moderne Log Cabin for charity.

OOOoooo!! Look at the Lantern Moon crochet hook that arrived from Yarnmarket While I have jillions of crochet hooks, this beauty is my first wooden one. It's beckoning me to...

start a new project with Crystal Palace Kiddo yarn. This will be a blanket for one of my nurses whom I visit every other Monday. She is 39 and carrying her first child, a boy. She and her husband are over the moon with joy! So, what with the new hook, the baby soon to be born (Well, not that soon, but anyway....), and my yearning to start Crochet Kiddo Baby Blanket--I say its time for a new project tonight!! The pattern is free with yarn here:
Scroll down a little to see the pattern in color with blues and pinks.
Getting ready to pick up my new crochet hook......and go!

Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises. ---Elizabeth Zimmerman


Devorah said...

Hey, oceans have darker and lighter portions. Right? *g*

Pooch said...

Ahhh, yes, thank you Devorah. There's always a way to make sense of it! :)

Sharon said...

What an intriguing baby blanket pattern. Can't wait to see how yours shapes up.

Tracey said...

Oh come on, who wouldn't love their own private island in the pacific?