Wobble Not Waddle!

Here's what I've been knitting of late. Yes, wool! Lambs Pride wool which I knit while seated directly in front of the air conditioner! This is side two for the Wobbly Tote KAL. Check the side bar for the link button.

The perfectly innocent front side

Reality check on the reverse side

I do enjoy intarsia. This is a fun project which will be felted. Side One is posted in a previous entry. The pattern is the same, but done with different color combos. This will be going to live with my sister in San Francisco.

Never position a rock near a hard place. ---Rohan Candappa


Zee said...

Pooch, it's looking lovely! Your color combination is wonderful. I love how you're knitting it up.

I'm a bit behind with my progress on it, but I'm still working it. I love intarsia, too, but I did had to rip this back three times. But I'm enjoying every single row! :)

Pooch said...

Hi Zee,
Welcome back! Glad you're enjoying your tote. Remember, it doesn't have to be ABSOLUTELY perfect since it will be felted--covers a wealth of sins, I mean errors!!

Can't wait to see yours. They're all so pretty, aren't they?

Hope you've recuperated from your travels!

Beth said...

It's looking so nice, Pooch! You chose beautiful colors.

Geraldine said...

This looks great. FUNNY post too, great 'back view' LOL....

Thanks for your visits to Veggies...

BFN, G :)