It was jubilation and praise and Hallelujah and Southern Gospel music when I went to the musical Crowns at the Denver Center Theatre on Saturday.

To quote from the program, "The unique legacy of African American women and their church hats is at the heart of Regina Taylor's gospel-infused musical." The costuming, the more than fabulous hats--their crowns--and musical talent on display makes this an experience of worship as well as seeing an outstanding production. If you have an opportunity to see this play, by all means do!!

Here are some of the sculptures outside the theatre complex. Unfortunately, they were taken with my phone-cam.

The bright light in the background is obscuring the grand view of the mountains. Darn! Trust me, the mountains are there! Really! :)

We're talkin' a hunk-o-man here!!

Wait! There's Mrs. Hunk!!

He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies. ---Ps 103:4


Deborah said...

Great Blog! I really enjoyed reading through it. I like the troop supporting information you provided in your links!

Pooch said...

Hi Deborah,
I'm glad you took a look at the link for supporting our troops. Regardless of how any of us feel about the politics of the war, these men and women deserve our support.
Thank you for your kind words.