Stripping for HMB

Today I've been joining squares to make strips and strips to make a comfort ghan for Heart Made Blessings. Then I need to make a border and a nice finished edging. I haven't quite decided how I will do that yet, though I do know I want a touch of the amethyst in a white border.

I finished reading The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn and must say that the best reading is the last third of the book. This author's wit and clever writing is a joy!

I then started to read The Columnist by Jeffrey Frank. Even though I'm only a few pages into the story, I know already that this is going to an enjoyable read.

We can gather our thoughts, but the Lord gives the right answer. ---Proverbs 16:1


Jenn said...

That blanket is looking beautiful!

Pooch said...

Thanks, Jenn! So kind of you.


Nana said...

Your squares are beautiful.

Michelle said...

The blanket is beautiful! I like the blue and white combo. I hope you are feeling better. Be well!

Pooch said...

Nana & Michelle,

Thanks so much, dear ladies.