Stash Blanket Bright

 Whenever I want a knitting break, I crochet a few of these blocks with stash yarn from my granddaughter's "rainbow blanket". I haven't crocheted random blocks in a very long time, so these are fun to do!

These will definitely be blocked before joining the strips. I like the look of this motif which is here: "Scraps 'n Lace"

I am listening to Watergate A Novel by Thomas Mallon on my iPod. You can hear a sample


Alisa said...

such bright and fun squares!! Love them!!

(lia) said...

Love the squares! I always prefer the ones that have the final round all done in white like that. I think it really makes the colors pop.

SarahFay said...

Love the motif! Such wonderful colors.

heather said...

Really love that motif and I think your blanket is going to be beautiful! So cool to use scraps from one blanket to make another beauty!

Cecelia Dowdy said...

The squares that you knitted look bright, colorful and fun! I'm glad you're having a great time knitting them.

I don't listen to books, much. I prefer reading them myself. I tried to listen to a book and I had to concentrate too hard to listen. I haven't had anybody read aloud to me since I was a little kid. I think it'd take some getting used to.