I like dolls!!

 Dolled Up For Murder by Deb Baker is a well written cozy mystery set near Phoenix, AZ. Aside from a very interesting plot line, the setting draws my interest since we spend time each March in the Scottsdale area. I am just beginning this book and enjoy it tremendously...which brings me to my dolls...

This "Raggedy Old Doll" is weighted so she can stand and smile cheerfully.

A classic Raggedy Ann is at the left along side some raggedy interpretations and a doll from Guatemala.

 And an Amish couple... the little lady is hand-made.

This little cutie was hand-made by a friend of my mother.

 The baby on the left is from Madame Alexander with a Cabbage Patch doll on the lower bunk. 

Let's open the door for a better view.

Terrie Lee was my favorite-favorite doll when I was a child, so I have two of them here. The fabric of Mrs. Obama's inaugural gown is so light and soft and elegant!
 Another happy Raggedy Ann along with some smaller dolls. The pouting boy in the brown overalls is a favorite with his sad, little face. The 50's twins have been well-loved since I received them from my grandparents when I was a child.

Except for the Elway Beanie Baby marking his retirement from playing for the Broncos,
this shelf holds mementos of some of my travels. The matryoshka dolls from Russia are souvenirs from our Alaskan cruise. Pinocchio came home with me from Italy and the Inuit Mother and baby are from our Alaskan travels.

This doll spoke to me, saying that her name is Mary Jane, a fitting name for a child who appears to be dressed for a Spring time Sunday at church in the '50s.  She is an Effanbee doll from my mother's doll collection and so precious to me.

You can understand why I am enjoying a cozy mystery about doll collectors, can't you?

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Harvee said...

Dolled up for Murder is a cozy I'd enjoy especially since Scottsdale is on my list of vacation picks. I love your doll collection! I have a few cloth dolls with porcelain faces!