Dolled Up For Murder

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From Dolled Up For Murder by Deb Baker: "Head buried under a mound of pillows, Gretchen Birch struggled to ignore the phone's incessant ringing. She had stopped answering the phone at midnight, and it had rung every hour on the hour since."  --- page 1

My first impression was curiosity as to why she wouldn't answer the phone. Secondly, I wondered if people actually put piles of pillows over their heads in such a circumstance. ;)  And, who is calling? It must be urgent!

This is a good story about missing doll collectors (see previous post).

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It's that simple.

From Dolled Up For Murder by Deb Baker:

"Nina teetered on the edge of hysteria. She stomped back and forth on the Mexican tile that bordered Caroline's swimming pool and had come precariously close to tipping into it on her last turn."

I wonder: Does Mexican tile border the edge of hysteria too?  ;)

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