Tote on a Boat -- And Train

I came home from a yarn crawl  with two cakes of Rowan Colorscape with no idea of a project for them. Then, the yarn spoke. "You are searching for a new tote for your upcoming travels. Use me." In obedience to the call of the yarn, I cast on 58 stitches with size 11 needles to make a felted tote bag.

I am knitting in stockinette to focus on the colors rather than a pattern. I knit for approximately 24 inches, then started the handles, which I hope will be long enough for a shoulder bag. For the handles, I knit 20 sts, then cast off 18, then knit the remaining 20 sts. When I purled back, I turned to the right side at the cast off sts and CO 50 sts, turned back to complete the purl side. I'm continuing in stockinette until the handles look long enough for felting. This is a huge guess on the length!

One yarn cake is for the front, one for the back, so I am using Cascade 220 for the handles. It will be interesting to see how the felting compares with two different yarns. I am thinking of adding an exterior pocket, but am undecided because I'd have to use 220 for that. Hmmmm, what's your advice on this?
This tote will be with me at the end of the month when DH and I board Amtrak and head off for New Jersey and a Fall cruise along the New England and Canadian coast. Smile, smile, smile!


Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

This will make a lovely tote! The colors are fab!

SusanB-knits said...

The colors are beautiful! I haven't tried this yarn (must look for some). You could always do an interior pocket if you're not sure how the Cascade 220 will look. Or you could felt it and then line it and put in an interior pocket. Or you could just line it and not felt it (choices, choices, lol).
I am jealous! what a fabulous sounding trip!