Steamboat...Comin' Down the Mountain

 The return drive from Steamboat on Sunday was a nightmare! I hadn't even considered all the people heading down the mountain as the weekend came to a close. Backed-up driving is common on Sunday nights during ski season, but I didn't think about everyone heading down the mountain in the summer! It took 2.5 hours longer to get home than it did to drive to Steamboat!

 An ironic sign in Kremmling
 I was off the road for about 20 minutes when I stopped at The Alpine Earth Center.

 Wildflowers grow on the roofs of the buildings. This one features a deer contently  munching. It is an entirely captivating and beautiful place.

 Luscious blooms greet customers at the door. I purchased four pots of annuals and a kit with a water pump and bamboo "pipes" to make a small water feature for indoors or out.

 Miss Rumphius is a dear friend from my teaching career because I used the book with my students every year. A local artist  used the beautiful book as wall decor in the ladies' room.

 Miss Rumphius advises us to make the world beautiful. Such clever use of this book and its message! Hmm...wonder how the men's room is decorated?

Can you see the small waterfall gushing from the mountain? Nature inspires me, blesses me with happiness and love from the hand of God.

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