Yarn Along - The Sea House

It's Wednesday! What are you reading? What are you knitting?
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 The Sea House by Esther Freud is set on an English coastline with desirable beaches and a sleepy village. The main character, Lily, is translating a set of letters circa 1930 from German to English. The author is slowly revealing Lily's life and introducing an interesting set of supporting characters.

So far, I have to say it's an OK read. Perhaps it will become more gripping as I continue along.

This little cottage is coming off the crochet hook in sc based on a half-remembered pattern I used to make a "house tote" for my daughter and her friends in the late 70's. Using a G hook and WW I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby, I've made pieces for the window and door to be sewn on to the yellow part.

The scalloped trim is pinned in place and a few stitches created flowers and grass. The door knob is a white bead and three tiny green and blue beads are the center of each flower. This will continue to be a WIP for a while as I add little touches, windows on the back, vines and flowers, and a butterfly. This is for seven-year-old DGD's November birthday, so I have plenty of time to play with it! Fun!


kerri.warmus said...

What a wonderful gift. I hope you will share more pics as you continue along. It's very charming :)

Madeleine Sara said...

Oh I just love that crochet house. I will be posting my most recent knitting project up next week. Now i'm crocheting a sudoku throw.I'm reading a Terry Prachett children's novel at the moment about a cat called Maurice.

Anonymous said...

The cottage is adorable. Will it be 3D and stand on its own? Or is it flat? Thanks for the book link - it sounds interesting and something that my mother especially would love. Historical fiction.

Pooch said...

Hi Ellen, Thanks for stopping by! The cottage will be flat, a little purse. THE GREATER JOURNEY is history rather than historical fiction, an excellent read!

Beth said...

Precious little cottage!

I'm reading the Postmistress. I'm really enjoying it even though I just finished with the Book Thief which blew me away and is set in the same time...WWII.

Good to see you at Fibers on Friday!!