My FATHER AT 100 by Ron Reagan

My Father at 100 (Library Edition)My Father at 100 by Ron Reagan

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After listening to the audio version of this book, I think I could enjoy listening to Ron Reagan read the phone book. Reading the printed book would have been a far different experience than hearing the son, author, and reader render the events in a voice reminiscent of his father. His voice makes the events even more personal and touching. Interweaving events from different time periods is smoothly executed and quite effective in that the author is calling upon the reader's memories of his father's public life while imparting more obscure and personal events in the life of the President.

The book discloses the strong similarity between Father and son: brio,arrogance, a certain sense of entitlement. Ron doesn't come off well in his gleeful recounting of an immature rejoinder to then Vice-President George H. W. Bush. The immaturity he describes in his father's early adulthood echoes in the immaturity of the son. Thinking that he is staring down Gorbachev at a meeting with his father is just silly. His self-revelation is a surprising secondary story line.

I recommend this highly informative book of a son's reflections about his outstanding father. If possible, get it on audio.

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