La La's Simple Shawl -- Fibers on, I mean Sunday!!

 The unending simple shawl for my MIL is an ever-so-slowly growing triangle of gorgeous hand painted yarn .

It is creating a very pretty fabric with a soft hand. The pattern is a free download on Ravelry

 I do wish, however, that I were using a larger size needle to speed things up a bit. Uh, also, there's the worsted weight that I'm knitting. The pattern is written for bulky weight. So, yeah, the yarn and the needles--huge factors when knitting!!
 I seldom knit the same pattern twice in a row, but--you guessed it--I did it this time. It does make a warm, lovely shawl after blocking. This one is going to Ohio as a Christmas gift. Onward and upward--ever knitting!


Beth said...

It is gorgeous! Thank you for linking it up to Fibers on Friday on Sunday :-0 I love logging on for days and seeing new submissions!


Cozy in Texas said...

Hello, I stopped by your blog. I love the varigated yarn.