Alp Oriental

 While in St. Louis, I purchased this luxurious Alp Oriental yarn by Feza in #010 Wild Patty Wack. Various luxury yarns are cut in strips and knotted together to make bulky weight yarn. There's a hint of glitter, a touch of sparkle, a bit of ladder yarn, a smidge of flag amid the assortment of novelty yarns. At top left, you can see the bunch of pre-cut fringe, should the knitter regret that she had knit-up every last bit of yarn in her frenzy!

Using size 19 needles, I cast on 15 sts knitting three in garter stitch at each end and using stockinette in the mid-section. I knit a row of garter at each yarn change to give it a bit of definition. At this point, I am planning to keep this one. Since I don't keep most of my knitting/crocheting, the scarf could well end up with a different owner. We'll see!

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Beth said...

So interesting and fantastic!!! Thank you for adding it to Fibers on Friday!