Dead End Gene Pool by Wendy Burden

Dead End Gene Pool Dead End Gene Pool by Wendy Burden

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This memoir is an extremely disappointing, depressing story about a dysfunctional girl who apparently has become a morbid, unforgiving woman. This disturbing story does not center on Wendy Burden's mother, but on Burden herself. As unfeeling as the grandparents and parents she vilifies, Wendy seldom visited her brother at a psychiatric hospital because "...the inmates creeped me out." The very idea that one can visit a dying grandfather and stand as far away as possible  from him "...while still managing to convey a sense of compassion." is laughable. As pathetic as her life has been, I did not find the author to be a sympathetic character because of her vitriol. The "humor" does work in a few places, but most of the  at humor are caustic and mean.

In writing this book, the author appears to have disgorged her rage and sickness much as her brothers did in the therapy programs that she finds so ridiculous. The fact that the author wants her bleak book to answer her daughters' questions about their grandmother is a disgusting idea.

I do hope that Miss Burden finds peace within. Perhaps, this unfortunate book is meant to be a step towards a more positive, hopeful life. I pray that she finds it.

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