Back Yard ~ Springtime

My beautiful surroundings on our deck. This gorgeous hanging basket is from DH for Mother's Day. Love it!This is the first year that I've planted ranuncula, such a delicate flower. The layered petals are so pleasing to the eye.

Along the side of the deck, next to the stairs are these refreshing variegated plants whose name I always forget! Right now they have tall, slender stalks with white flowers.
The trellis at the south end of the deck is now covered in Virginia Creeper which, sadly, is crowding the honeysuckle.  Our back yard is so inviting and lush with springtime colors. I spend most of my time in the yard and knitting and reading on the deck when weather permits. Right now, its 89 degrees so I am indoors in the air conditioning, but would love to be out on the deck.
This is the back corner patio, which has a raised rock garden so I can work in it. Its about 3.5 feet high and easy for me to get to without too much back strain.
The cone flowers are definitely robust this year! Soon the purple blooms will add another dimension to the color scheme.
The perennial bellis plants are new this year. The pastel yellows and pinks in the flowers washed out in this pic, but you can see that they are dainty, little flowers.

What's growing in your yard?

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Beth said...

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.

Beth said...

Lovely photos!

I have weeds growing in my yard. :) Actually we do have a lot of things blooming (and things that have already bloomed). But the weeds in our garden are tremendous!