She's A Monkey!

Another Christmas present is done! Yaaay! Monkey Head is now complete and waiting for DGD to love her. I had read Ravelry notes about using dry beans in the joints, feet, hands and seat. The pattern (available in a previous post) called for plastic beads. The beans sounded like a good idea, but after I popped some into a foot I realized -- maybe not! I made the monkey with cotton yarn so it can be tossed in the washing machine which wouldn't be the place for dry beans! I then decided not to purchase plastic beads and went with a different suggestion I had read on Ravelry. I didn't stuff the arms, legs, and tail so that the monkey is poseable. I do prefer its appearance to the ones with the stuffed appendages.

I've decided that I don't really care for Cascade Bollicine Revolution yarn. I bought three balls of it on sale at a LYS while DH and I were traveling in June. Although it is 90% merino and 10% polyamid, it does not have a pleasant hand. I am using it to make a One Row Scarf
Its a simple pattern for mindless knitting that yields a beautiful scarf! The FO appears much more complex that the pattern actually is!
What are YOU knitting?
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Jane said...

I love that cute! I tried to teach myself to knit, it wasn't pretty. My grandmother had taught me when I was a little girl because she couldn't teach me to crochet!!! Maybe I will try again.
Thanks for stopping by my place, do come again! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

That little monkey sure is cute! And so is the outfit. Good to get a jump on presents.