Monkey Head!

So...4-yr-old DGD lost her monkey that she'd had since infancy. (It was later found in Other Son's back yard having been thoroughly worked to bits by the family dog. We didn't tell DGD. She says "Daddy lost my monkey." Smile.) She'll receive its replacement for Christmas. The head turned out so cute!

See the wooden mini-crochet hook? Oh! Guess the hook isn't showing very well! It is the most useful tool for finishing! It really helps with working the yarn through the stitches for a good, smooth look. Someone sent it to me in a swap and I continue to thank her in my heart.

Monkey Head is made of 2 strands of brown Butterfly Mercerized Cotton, beige Berroco Comfort, bits of black cotton, and an F crochet hook. I already had these yarns to use with the free online monkey pattern so it fit together nicely! The pattern is available at

Now, to crochet the body! Onward!
They will declare, "The Lord is just! He is my rock! There is no evil in him! ~ Psalm 92:15

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Lupie said...

He is so cute! The designer is so gifted and so kind to give out pattern for free. I will share this with a fellow crocheter
Also very gifted but new to blogging.