My Dogs on Thursday (and Every Day)

Max: Over-the-shoulder pose

Although Max is too big and strong to be coy, this pic is as close as he can get to it! He recently "celebrated" a birthday and is now 11 years old. My big, cuddly boy!

Lailah: Lookin' for trouble? Look right in my face!
Li'l Lailah is as cute and active as ever! A bundle of energy, she bounces and prances and is happy about everything. We frequently laugh her various antics as she romps, plays and, oh yes, sometimes manages to get into trouble. Love her to pieces!
I'm feeling sad that I have to board them for about a week. I'll miss them. Although I don't like to board them, sometimes there's just no choice. DH is going to have hip replacement surgery tomorrow at an out of town hospital He's scheduled to have the second hip replaced at the end of December. So, the doggies will be boarded while we are gone and for a few days after he returns home. They are always in the middle of everything and would assuredly be in the way. Max is large and immovable. There are times when he simply won't budge which is problematic for DH using crutches or a walker. So, I'll kiss the babies and send them off with the attendant at the kennel. You know, I can't even email or text them while we're gone!!
Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again…
~ Psalm 42:11


Nichole said...

Happy belated birthday Max!

Your kids are beauties!

gaylen said...

I love boxers and Lilia looks like she could indeed inflict trouble. Good luck with hubby's surgery. The pups will be fine. g

Paula said...

Oh how I looove their faces!
Happy Birthday Max!!!
It is so hard when you have to leave them for awhile.
I really hope your hubby gets well soon and the surgery goes well we are keeping our good thoughts floating your way.
It is so hard when the hubbies have surgery and are recovering.
We go through that a lot here.
Both my mother in law and husband had the H hip replacement surgery. My MIL was just this past Feb. and it took awhile with Physical Therapy and for the pain to go away but she is full of energy now and is like a new woman with her new hip!