Of Dogs and Monkey Parts

Do you ever feel like you're being watched.? Often, when I'm online--which in itself is often!--I look to my left to see Max. Watching.

Lailah peeks around the corner of the computer desk for a quick hello and "Look! I'm not in trouble!"

Feeling eyes burning in my back, I turn around to see body-less Monkey Head staring at me. Monkey Head is slightly miffed because production has slowed considerably. Between clicking the mouse and wielding a crochet hook, my right wrist is a painful owie! I am now converting to gripping the Hook as a knife rather than a pencil. It does help, along with slowing my pace a bit. Monkey Head now has a body with the beginning of a pink shirt and blue shorts and one leg. Soon, complete monkey-ness!
Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.
~ Matthew 6:20


Tammie said...

I enjoy reading your blog so much.
I too have tow dogs which I love dearly. Unfortunately, they don't have a fenced yard at the moment a eat too much horse poo. They then get rather sick on the carpets so my husband has banned them to out side and the unfinished basement. This works for now as we live in Skull Valley, Az and it's not too cold. We are trying to move back to Colorado and then it will be a different story. I very much miss them at my side, however they did ruin a very nice carpet and I'm trying to really be a Godly wife. My new husband of four years comes before my dear dogs. I am also learning to knit and enjoy looking at what you make as I also have grandkids. Thanks for your fun and encouraging blog.


moo said...

such cute dogs, such a cute monkey!

Paula said...

Max and Lailah are just checking up on you. :)
They are so sweet.
I love the monkey it is really cute!

Beth said...

It looks like Max is a gypsy with one pierced ear!