Order Up!

What's more exciting than opening the door to a yarn delivery? Opening the door to a yarn delivery and a delivery of books! At the very same moment!! I've been taking Prednizone in various dosages for about 5 weeks now, and let me tell you, the crawling-out-of-my-skin quotient is off the charts with all the excitement!! Oh, HELP!

Here is the yank-it-all-out-of-the-box view so I can feast my eyes on it. All this is sale yarn from We have your Idena Happy yarn here--in two colors and your GGH Samoa and then there's your Oat Couture vest pattern. But, there's more. There IS more! Just keep reading for excruciating details! Bear with me, gentle reader.
The grand plan for the GGH Samoa in orange and orchid is to make a baby blanket for charity. Just wanted to play with these colors together.

Yuk! How bad does this look? In real life, this Idena Happy yarn is a rich pewter gray that I plan to use with a carry along yarn to make a "Happy Blanket" for youngest DGS. This makes the softest cuddly blanket ever!

So, if he's gonna have a Happy Blankie, then his DS needs one also. I'm going to carry a medium yellow WW along with the mixed pastels for her. Additionally, I now have a couple sets of new bamboo circs that I ordered.

Oh, yes...Amazon delivered as well! Here are my latest additions to my TBR pile. I watched an interview with Steve Coll on C-Span and was fascinated by his narrative about his new book The Bin Ladens, so I just absolutely required the book. It's on my shelf as we I type?

Sue Hempworth's Plotting for Beginners will be a good read---I look forward to it. It's about starting over from wherever you happen to be.

According to the reviews, there is something "screamingly funny" about life past middle age and it is contained in No! I Don't Want to Join a Book Club: Diary of a Sixtieth Year by Virginia Ironside. Don't wanna miss out on that! I am appreciative of the "life past middle age" usage since I'm not in the elderly set and not middle aged either. Another level of 'tween, it appears.
OK, there is indeed something screamingly funny about this book already. I ordered three of them. Yes, I know. I may have been click happy, twitchy-fingered, confused, or it may have been the Prednizone. Two are going back to Amazon. You can stop laughing now.
Here I am snapping pix and flickrizing, madly blogging, adding to Ravelry stash, shelving my books at Good Reads and Library Thing! Who has time to knit...or read?
Respect everyone, and love your Christian brothers and sisters. Fear God and respect the king.
~ 1 Peter 2:17


Anonymous said...

You are pretty funny! And I am not an again 'tween, just a middle ager. Got some time to read and knit now before the next grandchild comes along.

The Holistic Knitter said...

I love getting yarn and books through the post ;0)