Lost in Yarn

Oh, the luscious Malabrigo and Crystal Palace yarns from my dear SP11!! The gorgeous red calls to, it's the soft to dark grays in the Crystal Palace...wait! the gold to green Malabrigo just pulls me!! I can't thank Alicia at enough for my final package of this swap. Once I tore myself away from touching and petting the yarns, I was tickled by her thoughtful giftie treats for my doggies. I've already sharpened my too-sweet ponies pencil. I discovered that Alicia is a horsewoman! I love the pastel ponies pencil! The Faith Notes will be a continuing blessing with adhesive notes of encouragement.

Thanks to you, Alicia, for the perfectly perfect package! :)


ponyknit said...

YAY your gift finally reached you! I was starting to get very worried. I wouldn't want that Malabrigo to get lost in the Christmas rush! ;)
I had a great time spoiling you in SP11, I hope you enjoyed it as well. I hope the dogs liked their gifts also! I hope you'll stop by my blog sometime, I know I'll continue stopping by yours!

Jennifer said...

Frisky says, "Yum, Mother Hubbard snacks." (He loves the peanut butter; we haven't tried the Bac 'N Cheez.) What a nice package!